Welcome to the R.I.S.K.-Sonoma/Community Support Network for Parents!

Welcome to the R.I.S.K.-Sonoma/Community Support Network for Parents! This is a website is designed for parents to be able to access resources, information, support from other parents and remain informed about what is impacting your kids as they move into adulthood. Take time to navigate the website and give us your feedback.
R.I.S.K. Sonoma was not something I dreamed up overnight. It grew from my family’s experience. Ours hurts and healing were real and we knew that other families were hurting and looking for support, just like we were. When you are at the deepest point emotionally, and there seems to be no answers, it is when you know real hurt. Building R.I.S.K.-Sonoma has been a journey of growth, hope and healing. The outpouring of support for R.I.S.K. Sonoma has been more than we ever expected. It has also met some resistance. New ideas often do, but the desire and passion I feel in helping other families has kept us focused and energized.
Our work is just getting started and this amazing website, donated and built by zenergy works. My heartfelt thanks to Eric Van Cleave’s and his team in Santa Rosa, CA for having the faith and confidence in R.I.S.K.-Sonoma to make this website possible. Their patience and help has been so appreciated while we navigate our way through the paperwork and ups and downs that go along with putting together a successful non-profit.
But most importantly, we want to be there for parents. As we have said many time, we need healthy, supported and informed parents to be able to successfully raise kids and teens in the times we live in.
We look forward to your feedback! Thanks for believing in us!
Here’s to the future,
Leslie Nicholson